One You

We ask a lot from our bodies and most of the time it doesn’t fail to deliver, though how much attention do we give our bodies when it comes to screening for potential problems before they arise?

We don’t think twice about seeing a dentist for a dental check up or booking our car in for its annual service, so we ask why should our wonderful human machine be any different?

At Great Northern Physiotherapy we have the answer for this. Designed as a 12 or 6 monthly review the One You assessment is a way of screening multiple systems for potential problems and tracking any issues over time. From our results we will give specific guidance on changes that may need to be made to lifestyle, diet, and exercise allowing you to lead healthy, active, fulfilling lives.


  • Vimove 2 Spinal and Lower Limb motion sensor assessment
  • Cardiovascular health screen
  • Muscle strength assessment
  • Balance and Frailty risk assessment 
  • Psychological well being screen 
  • Aerobic Fitness assessment

There is only ever One You, we make a point of helping you to look after it.

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One You


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