Physiotherapy for the Older Adult

Promoting independence and preventing disability and disease are central to Physiotherapy.

We believe no matter what your age or how disabling the conditions you have are, your independence and quality of life should not be compromised. Whether you are recovering from illness or surgery or noticed your mobility has reduced, we can help you regain your independence and put measures in place to prevent further deterioration.

Our older adults service is led by Becky Robinson, who has extensive clinical experience and expertise in this area. We are always keen to work with the Multi Disciplinary Team including your GP or Consultant and other health care professionals, in order to provide a holistic package of care to facilitate your full rehabilitation.

Our clinic is accessible to wheelchairs with ground floor treatment rooms and convenient parking available. We are also able to arrange home visits when necessary, which can be particularly useful in identifying any aids or adaptations that may be beneficial in improving mobility and activities of daily living .

“It is so easy after a fall or long hospital stay for people to lose their confidence in walking or become less socially active. Tailored rehabilitation in a safe and supported environment can allow individuals to challenge their balance and gait, regain agility and build strength.”

Becky Robinson