Our Virtual First approach

Following our recent announcement that we are now able to now deliver face to face appointments, we have received increased demand for face to face Physiotherapy. We understand this, as for many of you it has been a long time since you will have been able to access our face to face assessment and treatment services and some of you may be struggling with new or old aches, pains and problems.

In order to keep you and our staff safe we are still implementing a Virtual first approach in the clinic. This means that as much as possible we will try and help you from a distance. This is very important during the current phase of COVID19 restrictions and this is also in line with our Professional (CSP), Public health England and regulatory body guidance (HCPC).

Here is how our Virtual first approach works….

If you need to make an appointment then you can do this online or over the phone in all the usual ways. Once this has been done one of our clinical team will call you a few days prior to your appointment in order to triage whether face-to-face appointment is needed in the first instance. During your triage call we will discuss your medical history and your current symptoms to establish if it is safe for you to attend the clinic for a face-to-face appointment. We may advise that in the first instance we manage your problem remotely via video call, we are frequently doing this and many patients find this approach beneficial.

If you have already tried self-management strategies or if you have already had a remote appointment and your pain or problem is persisting then it may be appropriate to see you in clinic in order to further assess your problem and appropriately treat it.  You can find out more here about the measures we have in place to protect you for our face-to-face clinic appointments.

We understand how different this is from our normal service, though the current extreme circumstances regarding coronavirus warrant such a change in order to keep you safe and allow further future progression to more normal services resuming. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding this.