Face to Face appointments

From the 1st of June the clinic will be offering face to face clinic appointments. We have put numerous measures in place in order to keep you and our staff safe during these appointments. These measures are detailed below, we have also put together a short video detailing what changes we have made.

Once you have you made your booking we will call you triage your problem and to apply a Virtual first risk assessment tool that we have developed in order to keep you safe and make sure that face to face treatment is appropriate and necessary. When you arrive at the clinic for a face to face appointment we encourage you to use our car park as a “virtual” waiting room. When your clinician is ready to see you, one of the team will call you to let you know and you can come straight into the clinic, this will avoid the need to use our waiting room and will encourage social distancing. On entering the clinic you will be aware of certain measures we have put in place in order to become a COVID secure business. We have hand sanitiser which we encourage you to use on arrival and exit, we also have hand washing facilities if ever you need them. If you need to use our waiting room we have changed the layout in order to comply with social distancing measures and all our chairs are now hard surface and wipeable to reduce spread of coronavirus.

During your clinical session we will use PPE in order to maintain safety for you and our staff. The level of PPE used will be based on individual risk assessment and in line with Public Health England guidance. Before and after your treatment session we will continue with our usual rigorous infection control procedures that have always been in place in the clinic and we will ensure the highest standards of clinical clinical care that you expect from us will be maintained despite these additional measures that have been put in place.

You can make an appointment in all the usual ways and bookings are now live on our online booking system on this website. Alternatively you can call us on 01522 787164 and our team will be happy to assist. Thank you for your assistance with these measures, if you have any queries don’t hesitate to get in touch.