Fancy a cuppa?


Cupping is a simple but effective treatment. Most commonly associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in its earliest form it was found in Egypt in 3000BC, although various forms have been used throughout history in Ancient Greece, Africa and Islamic traditions.

How does it work? 

Pressure is applied either through heat or suction and the skin and soft tissue underneath is drawn up into the cup. Cups can take many shapes and forms; most commonly they are glass and plastic bell shaped jars. Most vessels can be effective, in the past even animal horns and jam jars! These give the characteristic ‘ring marks’ post treatment.

Cups can be applied and left stationary, or moved across the problem area.  Friction causes an increase in heat and blood flow to the area associated with redness and bruising. This provides a ‘mini-trauma’ that helps promote healing to the area along with a deeper mobilisation of soft tissue loosening tight muscle and connective tissues called myofascia, this is the fabric of the body, the tissue that engulfs all of our tissues and can be responsible for pain and dysfunction. Cupping is a fantastic way to provide areas of taught, tender and dysfunctional myofascia with a deep release that would not be possible with manual therapy alone.

Conditions cupping can help with?

Any soft tissue musculoskeletal injury, acute or chronic.  Cupping can be used with or instead of acupuncture on the same acupuncture points. It is specially useful in the treatment of chronic scar tissue

Is it painful?

Not really,  pressure can be adjusted using a valve on the top of each cup, to meet the individual’s comfort. After treatment there is some redness and bruising can occur that can last between 2-14 days.

Who can have cupping?

Most people are eligible for treatment, our trained staff will carry out an assessment to determine if the treatment would be appropriate.

What to expect at your first session of cupping?

One of our team will carry out a thorough assessment of your problem including the history of your current complaint and any other relevant past medical history. After examination, a diagnosis and a treatment plan is decided on.  We always use cupping in conjunction with a home exercise programme and never as a sole treatment. The number and size of cups are assessed depending on the problematic area, how the client tolerates treatment and how acute the condition is. If  moved then massage oil is applied to allow the cups to glide and reduce the friction on the skin. Sessions last approximately 15 minutes and the whole session will last between 30-45 minutes. Appointments are generally 1-2 weeks later, to allow for treatment effects to take place and any redness and bruising to disappear. If you are interested in cupping treatments or any other services we have on offer and how we can help you, call us on 01522 787164.