Running Drills

Running is a pretty simple sport, it requires little equipment, It can be done almost anywhere and can be undertaken by a wide variety of abilities and ages. However, I think we often neglect the fundamental mechanics of running itself. This can lead to injury and poor performance.

British athletics advocate that the fundamental principles of agility, balance and coordination are taught and developed with all athletes when they enter the sport from any age. However I think this fundamental principle is often overlooked, with a little attention to this area, huge gains can be made with running performance and injury prevention.

Take drills for example. How often do you do these? How much quality time do you spend doing them?

The key concept with a running drill is to replicate the motor control patterns that you are about to be doing, try to focus on:

  1. Good core control – make sure the upper body is not leaning too far forwards or sideways
  2. Keeping the back leg straight as you drive forward
  3. Keep the arms bent and drive the elbows back fast
  4. Keep the knee lift high
  5. Maintain dorsi flexion of the foot (toes up) prior to foot contact

Keeping up with a drills routine that lasts around 15 minutes 3 times per week has been shown to reduce injury incidence too.